Parrot Disco Drone Skycontroller2 with 4G Mod - 200 min flight time!

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  • Parrot Disco Drone Skycontroller2 with 4G Mod - 200 min flight time!
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Parrot Disco drone with a 4G SoftMod pre-installed and tested. (USA Verison) The international verison can be installed upon request.

This drone was purchased new and the 4G mod was added. You will need 4G service to use the mod. Just insert a 4G simcard. The drone will fly as normal without using the mod if you want.

Included with the purchase:
1x Parrot Disco Drone with 1 set of wings. (modded with the 4G card listed below)
1x SkyController 2 (Modded to accept a 4G Connection.)
1x Charger + Battery Charge Cable
1x Sky Controller Charge Cable
2x 4000mah batteries totaling 8000 mah (About 200 Minutes flight time.)
1x 4G card that is unlocked and ready to use with networks such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and more. The card is model E8372H
1x USB Cable
1x User Guide
1x 2 pack Additional rear propellers
1x pre-ship modding and testing with live video or recorded video of the drone flying before we ship. 

There are very small settings that need to be changed before I ship it to you. Again I will help you but this allows you to track and manage some of your drones settings.

Why do I want this 4G Mod?

  • Range limit is no longer dependent on Wi-Fi signal!!!
  • Return-to-home (RTH) is auto-initiated in case of connection loss
  • All stock hardware is used (standard Parrot Skycontroller 2 with FreeFlight Pro App)
  • Allows independent real-time GPS tracking via Glympse
  • Easy initiation of 4G/LTE connection via Skycontroller 2 button
  • Can be used for manually controlled flights as well as flight plans

How does it work?

High-level connection diagram

In simple terms, the Wi-Fi connection is hijacked and routed via a tethering device (e.g. mobile phone) through a 4G/LTE cellular/mobile network to the Disco. As tethering device, any modern mobile phone can be used (iOS: "Personal Hotspot" or Android: "Portable WLAN hotspot"). The Disco requires a 4G/LTE USB modem to be able to send and receive data via cellular/mobile networks.

USB Modem inside Disco's canopy

Initiation of the 4G/LTE connection (and switch back to Wi-Fi) can be done by simply pressing the Settings button twice on Skycontroller 2.

Settings Button on Skycontroller 2

The "Power" LED on Skycontroller 2 will change to solid blue once the 4G/LTE connection to the Disco is established.

Skycontroller 2 with blue LED

Once up in the air, everything works in the same manner as with the stock Wi-Fi connection, e.g. flight plans, return-to-home (auto-initiated in case of connection loss), etc.

The mobile device running FreeFlight Pro (the one connected to Skycontroller 2 via USB) can even be the same as the mobile tethering device/phone.

ZeroTier is a free online service, which we use to manage and encrypt the connection between the Disco and Skycontroller 2. ZeroTier will find the fastest and shortest connection (e.g. by doing NAT traversal) to give you the best possible performance, regardless of the mobile operator's network topology.

Additionally, Glympse, a free App for iOS/Android, allows independent real-time GPS tracking and shows detailed telemetry data (signal strength, altitude, speed, compass, battery and latency) of the Disco via 4G/LTE. This can be particularly useful to recover the Disco in the unfortunate event of a crash or flyaway.

Glympse App showing Disco's location

The latest (optional) feature of our softmod is the video and photo recording to a microSD card inside the 4G modem. E3372h 4G USB modem with microSD card

This gives you

  • More storage space available than the built-in 32 GB: great for longer flights or multiple flights where videos cannot be transferred to a PC immediately.
  • No more long transfer time required from the Disco to a PC (usually done via USB cable or Wi-Fi).
  • Saves battery power (and reduces charging cycles long-term) as videos don't have to be transferred on a battery-powered CHUCK.
  • The microSD card can be unplugged after the flight and plugged into a PC - the pilot can watch the video immediately without having to transfer anything first.
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